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5 Tips To Fall Back Asleep In Minutes

5 Tips To Fall Back Asleep In Minutes

For many of you, the 3am or 4am wake-up in the middle of the night interferes with your restful nights sleep, especially when you wake up feeling wide awake. It’s often hard to fall back to sleep quickly, so you end up feeling really tired the next day. Your sleep cycle may be “broken”, and you need to fix it, just like you would fix anything you had that was broken. Restoring your natural sleep cycle can help you sleep more deeply through the night, and will also make it much easier for you to fall back asleep in minutes if you do wake up during the night.

To fix your sleep cycle, so you can stay asleep, or fall back asleep in minutes, it’s important to begin thinking about your sleep in a new way. The quality and amount of sleep you get each night affects literally every moment of your day, Once you appreciate this fact, you may begin to realize that sleep isn’t the end of your day, its the start of your day! These 5 sleep secrets can help you restore your natural sleep cycle so you sleep more deeply through the night, and can fall back asleep in minutes if you wake during the night. There are also five specific tips to fall back asleep in minutes, if you wake up during the night.

Sleep Secret 1: Put Sleep First in Your Life.

Prioritize your sleep. It becomes much easier to do this once you think of sleep as the beginning of your day. Getting the right amount of deep and restful sleep every night is critical to your energy, your health, your productivity, and your life. Most people are averaging 6-7 hours of sleep per night, and Stanford Sleep Center studies show the average person needs 7 to 9 hours sleep per night, When you put sleep first in your life, and prioritize your life to get the sleep you truly need, you can begin to see better results very quickly.

Sleep Secret 2: Set Your Intentions

Many restless sleepers simply believe that they cannot fall asleep no matter what steps they take. Perhaps they think they don’t deserve sleep until everything is done for the day (hint: everything is never “done”), or they need to get a head start on their work for the following morning. If this sounds like you, you take action to change what you believe about your ability to rest. Write down your intentions for what you want for your sleep, and what you want for how much energy you will have during the day as a result of sleeping better. Set your intention to become a great sleeper, and to reset your sleep cycle. so you get the rest you need. You deserve to sleep well.

Sleep Secret 3: Set and Keep a Consistent Sleep Schedule.

When you work to overcome restlessness and insomnia, one of the best strategies you can use is to go to bed at the same time and wake up at the same time each day (including the weekends). Your body forms habits, and when you set your schedule for several weeks, you will become relaxed and ready for sleep at a certain time each night without consciously trying.

Sleep Secret 4: Avoid Food or Drink 3 Hours Before Bed.

It’s a myth that a lot of food or alcohol will help you sleep. To overcome sleepless nights, you should avoid any food or drink 3 hours before you plan to sleep. Plan your mealtimes so the digestion process does not cause you to stay awake. If you avoid food close to bedtime and eat on a schedule, your body can focus on its late night restorative function, and you can get optimal rest.

Sleep Secret 5: Eliminate Distractions.

When it comes time to sleep, we are often hindered by external distractions other than our own minds. Pets moving or barking, sources of light, and street noise keep your mind racing and your body awake. Make your bedroom interruption-free, and if needed, use a white noise generator, earplugs, insulation, or even soundproofing to create the best space for full relaxation and sleep.

5 Tips to Fall Back Asleep In Minutes

You can reset your sleep cycle in a matter of days or weeks, which can make it much easier for you to fall back asleep in minutes. In the meantime, while you are resetting your sleep cycle, here are some tips for falling back asleep in minutes:

1) Avoid Light-If you get up in the middle of the night, avoid using light. Install nightlights so you can navigate your way around. Light negatively affects your melatonin levels and also increases your alertness.

2) Limit Movement; If you do wake up in the middle of the light, try to stay in your sleep position if you don’t need to get up. Movement activates your body and your brain.

3) Shut down Racing Thoughts: Try this very effective technique to shut down your racing thoughts. Identify each thought you are having, and make each thought into a picture in your mind. Move the positive thought images to one side of your mind in your imagination, and the challenging thought images to the other side. Now, close each challenging image down one at a time, like you would close an icon on your computer. Next, close down each positive image one at a time. Now, turn off the computer screen in your mind, so all the remains is stillness.

4)Listen to a Sleep Audio or Relaxation Audio: Always have a mp3 player loaded with your favorite sleep audio or deep relaxation audio right next to your bed.
If you happen to wake up, just turn it on and fall back asleep in minutes.

5) Have a “Go To” Relaxation Technique. Find a relaxation technique that works for you, that you can practice during the day. If you do wake up, go right into this technique. Its important to have practiced, so your mind and body are already conditioned to relax. Effective techniques while lying down in bed include: slow, deep breathing, progressive relaxation (where you visualize one part of your body relaxing then move to the next part), meditation, or focusing on things you are grateful for in your life.  When you get regular, healthy sleep, you’ll quickly realize that a good night’s sleep is a vital part of achieving your dreams, goals, and ambitions. Before you do that, you need to learn how you can fall asleep effortlessly, regardless of the struggles you may have had in the past. Use these 5 strategies to help you get the sleep you want and need, so you have more energy, are more productive, are happier and healthier.


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