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3 Ways You Can Fall Asleep Faster!

3 Ways You Can Fall Asleep Faster!

As one of millions of Americans who struggle with sleep, you know what it’s like when you don’t get the sleep you need. You may lie in bed, staring at the clock for hours, trying to stop your racing thoughts, and fall asleep. When you finally do fall asleep, it’s morning before you know it, and you’re tired to the bone the next day.

Albert Einstein once said, “People love chopping wood. In this activity, you see immediate results.”

There are 3 steps you can take immediately which can help you to start falling asleep faster, and have more energy and feel better the next day.

Sleep Strategy #1: Create a 30 minute Relaxer Zone Before Bed.

To improve your sleep, it’s important to use strategies that have been proven to work for others. Did you know there are specific activities you can do throughout the day that will help you fall asleep quickly? One of those sleep-friendly activities is to enter The Relaxer Zone.

Invest the last 30 minutes before your scheduled bedtime on activities that are relaxing and sleep supporting for you. The rule of thumb is, if it is something that can trigger anxious or stressful feelings or more alertness, don’t do it. Common activities you may want to avoid during your Relaxer Zone time include: late night snacks (digestion is work for your body), surfing the web, reading email, paying bills, having serious conversations, surfing the web, or watching television. (Many studies have shown that watching the news before bed activates anxious thought patterns which can keep you awake.)

As you enter The Relaxer Zone, here are some examples of sleep-friendly activities you can do:

  • Listen to relaxing music that helps you enter a calm state.
  • Read poetry, inspirational books, or spiritual materials.
  • Visualize relaxing places you’ve visited.
  • Get light massage, or self-massage your scalp or body.
  • Connect with your partner, your children, or your pets.

Sleep Strategy #2: Create a Daily Relaxation and Stress Release Practice.

We now live in a 24 x7, on call, online, multi-tasking society. Deepak Chopra, MD, recently said on Dr. Oz: “Having a daily practice for stress reduction and healthy sleep is even more important for health and longevity that diet and exercise.” To fall asleep more quickly, it’s very important to discover and regularly use a relaxation and stress release program that works best for you. Each individual is different, and what is effective for one person may not work as well for someone else.

To find your ideal relaxation practice, try many different techniques.

Check out the list below for different proven approaches to your reduce stress and anxiety, and increase your relaxation:

  • Listen to a Release Racing Thoughts audio program.
  • Use slow, deep breathing to help clear your mind and focus on relaxing your body.
  • Practice progressive relaxation, by focusing on relaxing one part of your body at a time, until your entire body is relaxed
  • Try a daily meditation that helps calm your mind
  • Practice light yoga. There are programs designed for nighttime use.
  • Try Emotional Freedom Technique, (known as Tapping), to relax.

Consider practicing some relaxation technique during the Relaxer Zone time before bed, and any time during the day when you feel stressed or anxious. When you can address stressful or anxious feelings during the day, you may discover you are less likely to face them at night.

Sleep Strategy #3: Turn Off Your Racing Thoughts.

It’s not your body that keeps you awake in most cases; it’s your mind. For many insomniacs and restless sleepers, their minds race with stressful thoughts before they go to bed. These racing thoughts keep them staring at the clock for most of the night.

An effective strategy to turn off racing thoughts is to identify each of them, and make each thought into a picture in your mind. Move the positive thought images to one side of your mind in your imagination, and the challenging thought images to the other side. Now, close each challenging image down one at a time, like you would close an icon on your computer. Next, close down each positive image one at a time. Now, turn off the computer screen in your mind, so all the remains is stillness. When you shift your mindset about what’s possible for your sleep, you can transform your sleep and your life.

When you use these 3 strategies, you may discover and notice it becomes easier for you to fall asleep, and to have more energy and feel better during your day.


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